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Walls and culverts

Q&A: GMA Techline | October 1, 2010 | By:

RE: Walls and culverts
What, if anything, do wall contractors typically do to attach their wall to concrete culverts that intersect the face of an MSE wall? In this instance, we’re dealing with rock-filled baskets on the face.
(Cole | Idaho)

Reply: You ask a very contentious question.

To answer you directly, the pipe simply juts through the facing, in this case a gabion basket system. I say contentious because I would never bring drainage through the reinforced soil zone of an MSE retaining wall. We have so many failures of walls from the leakage of these pipes and inlets that it is a tragedy.

Please don’t even think about doing what you propose. Definitely not recommended.

Robert M. Koerner, Ph.D., P.E., NAE; E-mail:

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