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Seaborne erosion-control bags are marine hazard

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Earl, Coast Guard officials were advising mariners to be on the lookout for geotextile sandbags floating around Nantucket Island, according to several newspaper reports.

The erosion-control bags, which apparently broke loose from a coastal property on the island’s south shore during the September storms, created a temporary nightmare for boaters in the area. Marine safety was a particular concern, especially the prospect of a floating bag getting caught in a boat’s propeller. The bags were estimated at around 14ft x 14ft.

The Steamship Authority’s car ferry, the M/V Eagle, was victimized by one of the bags, which became tangled in the vessel’s propeller and rudder as it was docking in Nantucket Harbor. Divers had to disentangle the Eagle and the Steamship Authority said it had to delay several trips due to the incident.

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