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Comment on the High Line

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Editor’s Note: This article from August/September 2010 Geosynthetics prompted a reader’s comment about green roof thickness.


From: Al Barth
Posted: Aug. 25, 2010

The article on the High Line says the green roof system is 25mm thick. This seems quite small to accomodate all the component layers. Should this read 25cm?


From: Ron Bygness, editor, Geosynthetics

Good catch and good question, Al!

Actually, the 25mm (about 1 inch) measurement is accurate.

But perhaps the exact wording in the article and the visual, “Green Roof System Build-Ups,” prompts this question about thickness.

The 25mm reference is specifically regarding the “egg-carton-shaped base, filled with gravel, and covered with a layer of geotextile filter fabric.” The 25mm reference is not descriptive of the entire 6-layer bottom-to-top system from (1) root barrier to (6) plant level, which is much thicker than 1 inch, as shown in the visual.

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