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Carlisle Energy introduces new landfill closure system

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Carlisle Energy Services Inc., (CES) a wholly owned subsidiary of Carlisle Construction Materials Inc., has introduced its Spectro PowerCap landfill closure system: a dual-purpose system that provides environmental protection while generating clean, solar electricity, according to a press release from the company in March.

The cap combines puncture resistance, seam strength, and long-term performance characteristics of Carlisle’s TPO geomembrane plus the solar electricity performance of SpectroFlex photovoltaic laminates. These two components are integrated in a factory-controlled environment using a proprietary bonding technology and finished with a low-profile electrical interconnect system, the release stated.

Depending on the size of the solar photovoltaic array, the new cap installation cost is comparable to that of a traditional Subtitle D landfill closure system, the company said. In areas where solar incentives provide attractive returns for the solar investment, the size of the solar photovoltaic array can be increased for added value.

Because it does not contain the topsoil and vegetative layers typical of traditional landfill closure systems, this cap eliminates the maintenance and operating costs associated with soil cover restoration and grass mowing while also reducing green house gas emissions, according to the press release.

Carlisle Energy Services Inc. (CES) specializes in turnkey project development and design for large-scale commercial photovoltaic solar rooftops and solar landfill closure systems.

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