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Sibur opens second unit for geogrid production

News | October 6, 2009 | By:

A new production unit for geogrid manufacturing has opened at Sibur’s Plastik plant in Tula, Russia.

The design capacity of the new unit is 3 kilo metric tonnes per annum (kta). According to current forecasts, when the design capacity for geogrid production is attained at the facility, the annual earnings of the enterprise will increase by 550 million RUB (Russian roubles) ($18.3 million USD).

A similar geogrid production unit with 3 kta capacity was commissioned in August 2009 at Sibur’s Orton facility in Kemerovo, Russia.

Sibur also announced that production of polypropylene nonwoven geotextiles is scheduled to begin in 2010 at its Orton and Plastik facilities. Total capacity of the lines that have been bought to-date from O.R.V. Manufacturing S.p.A., Italy, will be up to 18.2 kta of nonwoven geomaterials.

Startup of the new lines at both enterprises will enable Sibur to increase its market share in Russian production output of geosynthetic materials up by 20%, the company said. Due to commissioning of the new units for production of geogrids and nonwoven geotextiles, earnings from Plastik may increase by 1.1 billion RUB ($36.6 million USD) by 2012, according to a company press release.

About Sibur

The Siberian-Ural Oil & Gas Chemical Co. (SIBUR) is Russia’s leading petrochemicals company. It operates across the entire petrochemical process chain from gas processing to the production of monomers and plastics, methanol, mineral fertilizers, tires and industrial rubber items, as well as the processing of plastics.

The joint-stock holding company, OJSC SIBUR Holding, has 34 plants across Russia, with tens of thousands of employees. Sibur is managed along product-division lines—hydrocarbon feedstock, synthetic rubbers, plastics and organic synthesis products, mineral fertilizers, and tires, according to the company’s website.


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