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RE: “The Bridge” & “Butterflies”

News | February 1, 2008 | By:

We can only thank God after narrowly surviving such incidents (“The Bridge” October/November 2007). Our life is nothing but a flame of candle burning against winds. It was a very touching way that you expressed the mishap in your editorial.

Good to see the poetic side of a technical person! Your expression will surely attract attention of particularly those who design and install MSE walls. In India, we have already seen a few walls collapsing or failing in the last five or six years. Fortunately there have been no casualties.

“Geomembranes and butterflies” (October/November) reminds me of requests from many customers in India who wish to use geomembranes in [similar] building applications such as waterproofing. Conventionally, bituminous membranes are used for such applications. I would be thankful if “Geomembranes in building construction/rehabilitation” is covered in a future issue of your magazine.

Thank you and regards,

Giulio Burra, Northeast Mesa, Carmel, N.Y.

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