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Geotextile compatibility

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Subject: Geotextile compatibility— Is there any lab testing method or norm verifying the compatibility between polypropylene nonwoven geotextiles and shotcrete or concrete?

Is ISO 12960 relevant?

My question derives from my need to prove compatibility between this geotextile and material in contact in this project, such as shotcrete and a PVC membrane, and also with lean concrete and the PVC membrane. (Dimitris, Greece)

Reply: Thanks for your question. To my knowledge, polypropylene is extremely resistant to the entire range of pH-values, from acidic to alkaline. Thus, cement, concrete, and shotcrete (with high values of pH) pose no detrimental challenge to PP-geotextiles.

This cannot be said for polyester (PET) geotextiles, but there are very few of these fabrics in current use.

I do not know the details of the LSO method that you cite, but any immersion under high temperature can be configured to develop a testing method.

Bob Koerner | GMA Techline

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