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New resin for geomembranes

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Dow Chemical Co. has announced the commercial availability of a new HDPE (high-density polyethylene) resin for use in geomembranes, the synthetic materials commonly used as impermeable liners in geotechnical engineering applications for environmental protection, water collection and preservation, and waterproofing.

The new product, HDPE 50045E, underscores advances in polyethylene material science that have made it a popular constituent material for geomembranes. It is a high-performance resin with a special molecular structure (high molecular weight) that provides a combination of flexibility with high melt strength and processability for thick blown film extrusion applications such as geomembranes, the company said.

A specific carbon black component is incorporated into HDPE 50045E resin to ensure that a fully stabilized, homogeneous black sheet can be produced. The new resin also provides high UV and chemical resistance, long-term durability, high tensile strength, high tear strength, high burst strength, high puncture resistance, dimensional stability, high peel and shear performance, and safe weldability, according to company resources.

Since HDPE 50045E can be used for geomembrane drinking water applications, it also complies with requirements for use in food contact applications according to EU Directive 2002/72/EC.

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