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Geotextile fabric

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Subject: Geotextile fabric We are specifying geotextile fabric:

  1. between the soil media (in a raingarden) and the underlying stone that contains the underdrain pipe.
  2. between the sod and the underlying stone (water quality swale) that contains the underdrain pipe.
  3. the top, bottom, and sides of an infiltration trench (filled with VaDOT #57 stone).

We are getting conflicting views as to what we should specify. Please advise.
(LC, Virginia)

Reply: The answer to your situation is quite straightforward. The association of state highway officials (called AASHTO) has a neat specification for your applications under the designation of AASHTO M288. It is available from all state highway departments—just contact your local geotechnical engineer.

I should add that the part of the specification that you want is “Drainage Specification.” It will work for all three of your applications. I might also add that all manufacturers know of this specification and make products oriented toward the stated criteria.

Bob Koerner | GMA Techline

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