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Credit where credit is due

News | October 1, 2006 | By:

To the editor:

While I am honored to receive credit for the development of the geocomposite temporary parking surface (TemPark) described in Andrew Aho’s “Ground Rules” article (Geosynthetics, Volume 24, Number 3), that honor rightly and unquestionably belongs with Basil Polivka Jr. of American Parking Solutions, Warren, Ohio.

After two or three earlier installations, Mr. Polivka invited me to simply provide some technical development support and to prepare specifications and a CQA plan for the manufacturing, installation, removal, and replacement of the product. The concept was fascinating in its simplicity: The geotextile/geonet/geotextile composite worked surprisingly well, we learned about the stresses and strains induced in geonet during manufacturing, and there is potential for using a flexible geogrid-based composite.
Mr. Polivka can be contacted at; +1 330 369 4600.

Ian D. Peggs
I-Corp International Inc.
Ocean Ridge, Fla.

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