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Erosion control materials

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These products are designed to help solve erosion- and sediment-control problems and to provide long-term stabilization by establishing and maintaining vegetative cover.

Erosion-control products give engineers ready solutions for one of the fastest-growing design niches. Many of these products work with vegetation to form a biocomposite solution to erosion. The charts in this section are divided into degradable rolled erosion control products (RECPs), nondegradable RECPs and a couple lines of hard armor.

Degradable products are used to enhance the establishment of vegetation, such as on a rehabilitated lake shore or alongside a recently construction roadway. These products are used where vegetation alone will provide sufficient site protection once the erosion-control product has degraded.

Nondegradable products provide long-term reinforcement of vegetation. They are used in more challenging erosion-control applications where immediate, high-performance erosion protection is required. The materials extend the erosion resistance of soil, rock and other materials by permanently reinforcing the vegetative root structure.

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