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Super Gripnet

| February 1, 2020 | By:

AGRU America Inc.

For engineers designing with geomembrane liners where drainage and high interface friction are critical, AGRU Super Gripnet® is a product that can be combined with a geotextile to create an integrated drainage system. Unlike other lining solutions that may rely on a separate drainage product, AGRU Super Gripnet can be easily configured with a geotextile to offer a superior drainage and interface friction solution with significant logistics and installation cost savings. When the product is part of an integrated drainage system, machined upward-facing studs and bottom-facing asperities in AGRU Super Gripnet provide high flow rates, reliable drainage capacity, high-friction surface, superior slope performance, up to 15% faster installation and substantial cost savings. AGRU Super Gripnet has been deployed as a solution in more than 150 million square feet across North America, supporting landfill closures, containment facilities, oil and gas applications, mining reclamation and more.

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