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HUESKER & MKB Co. LLC, together, have developed a new class of silt fence around the geotextile SILTRON®. SILTRON is the new perimeter fencing geotextile designed to ensure the highest level of environmental protection on a construction site. Its strong, three-layer composite resists punctures and tears with no wire backing required, while trapping viscous pollutants. SILTRON is available in four different heights as pre-staked bundles. Independent testing of SILTRON shows industry-leading performance in hydraulic flow under sediment load, sediment retention and blinding resistance. SILTRON functions as a dynamic filter-ponder, which allows it to adjust to changing stormwater intensity across the entire face of the composite geotextile. Other fencing products either blind too fast (leading to physical failure) or allow too much sediment through. Even under extreme water and sediment load, SILTRON keeps seeping.

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