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Afitex-Texel Geosynthetics

GEOTER is a high-modulus geotextile made with high tenacity yarns, manufactured by a warp knitting process. The geotextile provides the separation/filtration function, whereas the high-tenacity yarns provide tensile strength of up to 2,000 kN/m (137,043 lb/ft). GEOTER is used for reinforcement applications including but not limited to piggyback landfills, sinkhole safety systems, reinforcement on soft soils, MSE walls, etc. GEOTER combines a reinforcement and a separation/filtration geotextile into one product, saving you installation time and money. The next generation of GEOTER pairs GEOTER with the PREDITEC systems and allows the user to monitor a reinforced structure. The GEOTER PREDITEC system can send alerts if anything unexpected happens, such as a deformation exceeding the user’s maximum value. This technology allows the user to detect a potential failure early and initiate corrective measures to secure the structure and protect safety, health and wellbeing.

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