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Geogrids and Geocomposites

| February 1, 2023 | By:

Thrace Group

Thrace Group geogrids/geocomposites can be used both to decrease the fill material thickness and to increase the bearing capacity of the underlying soil material. The apertures of the biaxial geogrids aid in aggregate interlock thus allowing for effective reinforcement and soil confinement. Geogrids can also be used to construct mattresses to be placed on soft soils. Geogrid composites also offer separation and filtration functions in addition to the function of reinforcement. With the strategic geographic dispersion of member companies, enhanced logistics and improved lead times are secured to ensure fast and reliable product deliveries even for smaller order quantities. Converting over 100,000 tons of PP, PE and PET polymers through a vertically integrated business model attains unique cost advantages that are passed on to customers through value-for-money products.

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