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Draintube LFG

| February 1, 2023 | By:

Afitex-Texel Geosynthetics

DRAINTUBE LFG is a multi-linear drainage geocomposite composed of perforated mini-pipes regularly spaced between two geotextiles layers. DRAINTUBE can be used in multiple landfill applications, including landfill gas collection on final covers, fugitive gas collection on temporary covers, and horizontal LFG collection in the waste mass. DRAINTUBE can also be used in a sub-slab-depressurization system under buildings (for Radon or VOC mitigation). A Quick Connect System has been developed to positively connect the DRAINTUBE LFG to the main header pipe, limiting the head losses and improving the gas collection rate. DRAINTUBE LFG offers a more significant zone of influence to collect the gas and stable long-term performances. Rolls of DRAINTUBE LFG measure 13.1’ x 246’ and are light and easy to install.

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