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Officine Maccaferri bets on IoT and acquires Nesa

News | March 7, 2024 | By:

Officine Maccaferri has finalized the closing of the acquisition of a majority stake in Nesa S.r.l., a technology-driven company and a leading provider of environmental and industrial monitoring and early warning systems.

Founded in 2004 in Vidor, Treviso, Italy, by engineers Pierluigi Bassetto and Mario Adami, Nesa is a highly specialized company in designing, manufacturing, and installing instruments such as meteorological stations, datalogger systems, as well as wired and wireless environmental monitoring instruments. It works in over 80 countries and has more than 5,500 stations installed worldwide.

Nesa stands out for its instruments installed in extreme environments, from providing tsunami monitoring systems in the Indian Ocean, to building meteorological stations in the far North of Russia to endure freezing temperatures, to developing a state-of-the-art datalogger for climate monitoring in the Caribbean, thus proving its expertise and flexibility in such unique settings. Following the transaction, the two founding partners will maintain an active role in the company’s management.

Thanks to Nesa’s strong skills, technical know-how and technological drive in the remote sensing filed, which are perfectly matched with the product portfolio developed by Officine Maccaferri, the group seeks to further establish itself as a cutting-edge player in the IoT segment, riding the wave that has been driving infrastructure and construction to become increasingly smarter over the past few years. According to projections contained in the latest Allied Market Research report, the scale of the Internet of Things market in the construction industry will reach USD $44.2 billion by 2031.

The synergies that will be developed though the acquisition make the company the ideal partner with whom to develop new innovative solutions and strengthen R&D efforts, in order to increase its products’ competitiveness and to address the pressing challenges of our time in terms of environmental safety. Learn more about Maccaferri here.

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