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Dorken Systems introduces drainboard solutions with anticlogging geotextile

News | February 16, 2024 | By:

Dörken Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-performance air and moisture barriers and building envelope products, introduces DELTA®-TERRAXX and DELTA®-TERRAXX PLUS, new drainboard systems for horizontal, vertical, and blindside drainage requirements.

“Conventional drainboards have been commoditized in North America,” says Dörken’s product and marketing manager Peter Barrett. “That has led to cost-cutting efforts by manufacturers, which has resulted in cheaper geotextiles and limited performance. And we are seeing more incidents of clogging as a result. There have been no innovations or new solutions for architects to choose from for quite some time. We want to change that with our DELTA®-TERRAXX products.”

With DELTA®-TERRAXX products, building professionals no longer have to settle for run-of-the-mill drainboards; they now have a high-performance option that can meet higher building code requirements and urban water management standards. Already the most popular drainboard in Europe, Dörken is bringing the cutting-edge drainboard technology to North America.

DELTA®-TERRAXX and DELTA®-TERRAXX PLUS are unlike any other drainage system available today, offering the perfect balance of compressive strength, drainage performance, handling, and installation ease. The unique TYPAR® geotextile bonded to a dimple sheet allows for a higher drainage capacity than the average mineral-drainage layer. Most importantly, the quality geotextile withstands heavy structural loads, backfill, or soil overburden, meaning the drainage space won’t clog and drainage capacity stays steady.

DELTA®-TERRAXX PLUS is the first drainboard with a self-adhering edge tab, making installation fast and consistent. Installers can just roll out the sheets and stick them together, all in a couple of steps. DELTA®-TERRAXX PLUS also comes in large, optimally sized rolls that are easy to cut and detail; large spaces are covered faster and with less ballast, creating more useable working areas.

Dörken Systems Inc. delivers innovative, high-performance air and moisture barriers for commercial and residential construction sold under the DELTA® brand name. A North American manufacturer based out of Beamsville, Ontario, Dörken Systems Inc. is a member of the DÖRKEN Group, a leading European manufacturer who serves customers worldwide with high-performance products and services in multiple industries. Learn more about Dorken Systems here.

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