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New alliance program unveiled by AASHTOWare

News | September 28, 2023 | By:

Software provider AASHTOWare – a division of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) – recently launched a new endeavor called the AASHTOWare Alliance Program.

Jim Tymon. Photo courtesy of AASHTO.

Since 1985, AASHTOWare has been the premier source of innovative technology solutions for the transportation community. As a result, AASHTOWare created this program to fill functional gaps in its software offerings while allowing it to meet the evolving technological needs of its members.

“Alliances will help provide meaningful benefits to AASHTOWare members – whether through pricing, unique features, the enhancement of current products, or the creation of new ones,” explained Jim Tymon, AASHTO executive director. “Forming alliances will help AASHTOWare deliver more tailored solutions to its members and the transportation technology marketplace at a faster pace.”

In order to fill all of the functional technological gaps identified by its members, AASHTOWare plans to offer three types of alliance structures: Data, Product, and Strategic. Each alliance will have a different level of involvement and commitment, based on the needs of its member agencies and desired involvement level from an outside vendor perspective.

A new “Product Alliance” between AASHTOWare and HaulHub Technologies exemplifies the potential benefits of this new program. Formed around the HaulHub DOT e-Ticketing Software, this new product alliance will work to achieve an interface that will enable validated construction materials information from hot mix asphalt, aggregate, and concrete producers to automatically flow between the two systems.

Keith Platte. Photo courtesy of AASHTO.

“We are excited about the leadership role AASHTO is taking to help transform the highway infrastructure construction sector by enabling a platform of innovation for state DOTs to help accelerate the path to e-Construction,” said Matthew Valle, vice president of industry relations and government affairs at HaulHub.

“This interface will eliminate the need for inspectors to collect physical tickets on job sites and prevent inspection staff and back-office personnel from manually entering the associated data into multiple systems,” added Keith Platte, director of AASHTOWare. “This is but one example of why we are excited about the future of the alliance program and all the benefits it will potentially deliver to our members.”

For further information, contact Shakita Battle-Morrow, AASHTOWare Alliance Program Manager, at Information courtesy of AASHTO.

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