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ATA restructures several divisions, launches redesigned website

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After much thought and discussion with its board of directors, division advisory board leadership and other stakeholders, the Advanced Textiles Association (ATA) has restructured some of its divisions to create greater member engagement, improve staff and volunteer efficiency, and allow for a focus on broader initiatives that affect more of its members.  

These structural changes will allow ATA to become a nimbler and more efficient association, with the constant goal of serving and supporting the interests of its diverse membership. More than ever, ATA’s membership shares opportunities and challenges across multiple markets. On average, the association serves six different market segments, and their needs and expectations are evolving.  

Over the last few years, the association has worked to enhance member value by adding new member benefits such as the Textile Industry Retirement Plan, ATA Health and Benefit Insurance, ATA Business Insurance, electronic payment processing, various new educational options, new shipping/freight discounts and many other ways members can save money.  

On June 1, 2023, the following changes went into effect: 

Fabric Graphics Association and Tarp Association disbanded, and members not already affiliated with other divisions were onboarded to other areas of the association where ATA can provide significant value to member companies.

Equipment Division disbanded and member companies were given the opportunity to engage directly with any/all divisions where they do business or would like to do business.  

United States Industrial Fabrics Institute (USIFI) and Narrow Fabrics Institute (NFI) merged to form USINFI. The two divisions have long shared common issues and will now operate as one entity to lobby on behalf of the Berry Amendment, tariffs and other important initiatives.

Makers Division became a part of a new Workforce Development Council. This change will serve to engage more members in working together on the common industry challenge of bringing new workers into the textiles industry, while keeping the focus on the importance of sewing careers and other relevant workforce-related issues.

Emerging Technologies Division, which changed its name at the same time the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) rebranded to Advanced Textiles Association, became Emerging Technologies Council and continues its effort to prioritize the cultivation of knowledge and resource for emerging technology regardless of market.  

Advanced Textiles Association Launches Redesigned Website 

The ATA also recently launched a newly redesigned website that went live on April 18, 2023, giving visitors a more dynamic user experience. In addition to providing an intuitive and inviting website layout, ATA has increased the overall speed and responsiveness of networking and resources. 

“We are excited to launch the newly redesigned website as part of ATA’s strategic initiative to reach and provide value to a broader audience, as well as a better connection for members to the resources they need,” says Steve Schiffman, president and CEO of ATA. “The website is the most likely way that industry professionals will first connect or interact with the association.” 

ATA’s newly redesigned website,, is a dynamic portal that provides our industry with an immediate connection to member programs, peers, education, sourcing resources and much more. The site was developed in the most advanced and secure web platform available to ensure the best user experience and provide data privacy to all members/users, including creating more user-friendly account creation and membership management. 

This launch comes after last year’s rebranding from IFAI to ATA, a change that was made to be more inclusive of the markets the association serves. 

Navigation and User Flow: One of the primary goals of the website redesign was to create a more intuitive navigation menu. ATA had received feedback from members, industry stakeholders and nonmembers alike that highlighted the need to improve the site’s usability, information hierarchy and organizational structure. It accomplished these goals by creating a global menu, comprised of the top eight most relevant aspects of ATA. This allows the user the option to dig deep into something, while also providing quick access back to the main pages. The next set of relevant links/pages was also placed in the global navigation, but does not draw as much attention.  And lastly, the footer section of the website now contains links to almost every single page created. 

Vibrant New Design: The website stays consistent with the new brand guidelines of ATA, featuring bright colors, large titles and clean layouts. A prominent use of icons paired with titles and subtitles offers a simple visual aid in certain areas. Strategically placed tabs, drop-downs and buttons serve specific purposes ranging from organizational needs to easy navigation. The new website is designed to be easy to use as well as visually appealing. 

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