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Geogrid Installation Best Practices webinar – May 31

News | May 17, 2023 | By:

Tensar is presenting a webinar – Geogrid Installation Best Practices – on May 31 at 1 p.m. EDT. The webinar is presented by Bryan Gee, P.E., a 1 PDH credit is available and you can register here. All who register will receive a link to the recording if you can’t make the date.

Bryan Gee, P.E.

A critical subject for successful projects using geogrids is installation. Like any construction product, Tensar geogrids must be installed properly to work as designed. The webinar will cover the fundamentals of installing geogrids, step by step, and provide practical advice for a trouble-free installation.

In this webinar, you’ll learn proper procedures for:

Ordering, delivery, storage, and safe handling procedures

Site preparation

Placing geogrid

Placing aggregate fill

Compacting aggregate fill

Addressing special considerations and conditions

Bryan Gee is the director of education and training at Tensar. He manages a comprehensive program to develop and improve the capabilities of Tensar team members, commercial partners, and customers. He is a licensed professional engineer. Gee received his B.S.E. and his M.S. in civil and environmental engineering from Duke University. He has published and presented numerous papers on geosynthetics and other engineering topics, and he is the engineer of record on more than 50 projects. He currently serves as chairman of the Geosynthetic Materials Association.

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