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Global Synthetics becomes ISC-certified member

News | April 14, 2023 | By:

Global Synthetics is a leading supplier of geosynthetics and environmental products, providing innovative and sustainable solutions for various infrastructure projects. As part of its commitment to sustainability, the company is proud to announce certification as a member of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC).

Infrastructure is the backbone of society, providing the basic physical and organizational structures necessary for our daily lives. From the roads we drive on to the airports we fly from, infrastructure is essential for modern society’s operation. However, in an age of climate change, pollution, and limited resources, infrastructure sustainability is more important than ever.

Sustainability is the ability to maintain renewable resource harvest rates, pollution creation and non-renewable resource depletion at a level that can be continued indefinitely. The Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC) is an organization that focuses on promoting sustainability in infrastructure projects across Australia and New Zealand.

The ISC provides tools and resources to help infrastructure projects achieve sustainable outcomes, as well as a certification program that recognizes sustainable infrastructure projects. The certification program assesses the sustainability performance of an infrastructure project based on nine categories, including management, governance, materials, waste, energy, greenhouse gas emissions and innovation.

As a certified member of the ISC, Global Synthetics is committed to providing sustainable solutions for infrastructure projects. Its geosynthetic and environmental products are designed to enhance the sustainability of infrastructure projects by reducing waste, minimizing environmental impact and improving overall project efficiency.

Global Synthetics has a long history of delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for various infrastructure projects, including roads, railways, mining and water management. Its products, such as geotextilesgeogrids, and drainage systems, are designed to provide long-lasting and sustainable solutions for infrastructure challenges.

Through membership with the ISC, Global Synthetics aims to promote sustainable infrastructure practices and support the development of infrastructure that is resilient, efficient and environmentally responsible. Its commitment to sustainability is a core value that the company strives to embed in everything it does, from product development to project implementation. Contact the Global Synthetics’ team of experts to learn more about its certification or to find out more about its sustainable products and how they can help with your next project.

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