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Tiltex adds water infiltration barrier and ground surface erosion control protection to reinforced earth wall

News | March 9, 2023 | By:

The Tiltex installation team recently completed a major water infiltration barrier and erosion control ROM Wall Crusher project at Ironbridge Mine in Pilbara, Western Australia. The team installed Tiltex 12B anti-cracking 11,000 psi compressive strength geosynthetic cementitious composite mats (GCCM) over 164-foot-long steep batters at 1V:1.6H, secured with its soil anchor grid system designed to endure 164ft/sec winds.

Ironbridge Mine in Pilbara, Western Austrlia.

Tiltex 12B GCCM was specified for covering slopes above the ROM Wall and its primary design is to inhibit water infiltration behind the metal facing wall panels and provide ground surface erosion protection of batter slopes. 

The project involved deploying the Tiltex 12B’s 16-feet, 4-inch wide by 65-foot long rolls longitudinally down the steep batters and seaming with the Tiltex B STAB 40 seaming system. They installed a soil anchor grid system at a 6 foot, 6-inch grid pattern and perimeter soil anchors at 1 foot, 7 inches spacing.

Hydrating Tiltex 12B GCCM on steep slopes is achievable with Tiltex’s exclusive Saturation Hydrator apparatus to provide an even distribution of water through Tiltex 12B’s matrix structure to ensure no unset cement and to initiate curing to 11,000 psi compressive strength and 2235psi* (7 days) flexural strength properties. 

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