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Erosion control blankets production commences at WINFAB

News | February 9, 2023 | By:

Manufacturing at Willacoochee Industrial Fabrics (WINFAB) is full speed ahead at the beginning of 2023, including the production of erosion control blankets at the newly constructed facility in Nashville, Ga. Located on an 18-acre parcel of land recently developed and incorporated into the WINFAB campus, the erosion control production facility was the first of two capital expansion projects announced by WINFAB during the second half of 2022. The second capital expansion project underway includes the installation of a nonwoven needlepunch production line in Nashville, Ga.

As previously reported in July 2022, the anticipated start-up of production for the erosion control facility would be on or around January 2023, and the company is happy to announce that it has achieved its goal. Due to high demand, production of double-sided straw blankets and straw wattles will be the main focus over the next several weeks. Towards the start of the construction season, WINFAB plans to ramp up production of other erosion control products.

“We recognize nationwide that there is a raised awareness and desire for domestically sourced construction materials,” said Eric Booth, vice president of WINFAB. “Being a U.S.- based producer of an extensive line of erosion control and geotextile products, WINFAB remains focused on our customers’ needs, and is preparing in many ways at the start of 2023 to meet existing and new demand for high quality, domestically manufactured materials. The plan is simple: collaborate with customers to leverage WINFAB’s diversity in manufacturing, while helping their businesses reach their fullest potential.”

Future updates will be forthcoming on the progress of WINFAB’s capital expansion projects.

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