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ITP’s Powerbase VOC barrier geomembrane used at Port of Genoa mega-infrastructure investment

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ITP’s Powerbase VOC ground barrier membrane was recently used for the development of industrial land as part of the Port of Genoa Mega-infrastructure Investment Program in Italy. The Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority commenced the plan funded by a $2.3 billion Euro investment addressing the key European transport and logistic priorities of the Port of Genoa.

Powerbase VOC has been installed on a key phase to protect against ground contaminants within the industrial land. Its multi-layered design provides a durable barrier which prevents harmful gases from entering a building through cracks, construction joints and service openings in the floor slab. Effective against methane, radon, CO2, hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the system is independently tested to ISO 15105-2 and compliant to BS 8485:2015 + A1:2019.

“The use of Powerbase VOC at this major infrastructure program reflects growing demand for the product across Europe,” said ITP account manager Peter Winter. “The system is ideal for regeneration projects on industrial sites as it protects against hazardous gases and soils contaminated with hydrocarbons or toxic industrial pollutants. Hazardous gases and VOCs migrate up through the soil and collect in a sump under the Powerbase membrane, where they can be safely dispersed into the atmosphere via vents. Powerbase VOC also acts as a damp-proof membrane and can be used for groundwater and environmental protection installations.”

A range of 30 major infrastructure projects  will establish the port as a more accessible, sustainable, intermodal and digital hub. As well as implementing a far-reaching overhaul of the port’s accessibility, the project includes a shipyard expansion, waterfront redevelopment and green policies. It is improving the competitive position of maritime and rail transport by enabling modal shift from more carbon-intensive transport modes, enhancing interoperability between transport modes and providing for additional alternative fuels infrastructure which will reduce related GHG emissions.

The port’s new breakwater has been designed to give ships direct access to its terminal facilities and, unlike the existing breakwater, it will incorporate a wide turning basin that will allow ultra-large ships to maneuver safely.

Powerbase VOC is one of a wide range of ground barrier membranes which ITP manufactures to protect against harmful gases, toxins and contaminants on brownfield and industrial land. The company’s product portfolio also includes breather membranes and vapor control layers for wall and roofing applications

Established in 1989, Industrial Textiles & Plastics Ltd is a leading producer of protective engineered textiles for use in construction. The company’s expertise is in flame retardant and chemical-resistant technologies and it has developed a wide range of advanced products, including scaffold sheeting, wall and roof membranes, and ground barrier membranes.

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