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Carpi Tech names global sales manager

News | December 28, 2022 | By:

Carpi Tech has announced that Allan Jackson will join the company in February 2023 as global sales manager. He comes to Carpi Tech with over 30 years of experience in civil engineering, geosynthetics and geosynthetics installation. Jackson recently resigned from Solmax  as director for EMEA.

Carpi Tech installs exposed SIBELON® geomembrane systems that are used as upstream facing on concrete dams to prevent leakage. SIBELON® geomembrane systems are a permanent solution to stop leakage and provide protection from progressive deterioration. They can be installed in a short time, with minimum disruption of operations and minimum environmental impact. They can be installed over the whole upstream face of the dam or only on the most critical sections. 

SIBELON® geomembrane systems for underwater installation avoid loss of service because of outage, loss of water, and downtime for emptying and reservoir refilling. They have reduced impact on the environment, and are no impact on local communities, fish hatcheries, or recreational areas.

De-watering of reservoirs is not always feasible due to project constraints (e.g. water reservoir for water supply, and loss of power source for hydro-electric schemes) or because emptying and refilling of the reservoir can cause problems to the structure. In these cases, underwater installation is necessary. SIBELON® geomembrane systems can be installed underwater at any depth, on the entire surface or on critical parts only.

SIBELON® geomembrane systems can be exposed or covered, or used as impervious cores. They can accommodate large displacements while remaining perfectly watertight, they make possible and affordable projects where other suitable materials are not readily available, they have proven long durability, allow important savings in construction costs, and do not need routine maintenance.

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