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Geogrid for Calgary road building

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Spartan Road Grid™ surface view after installation. Photograph courtesy of Titan Environmental Containment

Geosynthetic materials have proven their worth on (and below) surfaces across Canada, where they are being used in greater frequency to provide contractors with a stronger, more sustainable, and cost-efficient base for their projects. Canada’s road-building sector recently applied Titan’s Spartan Road Grid™, polymer-coated fiberglass grids and fiberglass geogrid–geotextile composites, on several road rehabilitation projects. 

Titan collaborated with local crews to design and install a geogrid system that resulted in less milling and overlay/inlay requirements while also contributing to each surface’s longevity. A road near Calgary’s airport proved especially challenging for the team because it had deteriorated to the point that crews thought new construction was the only option.

“After consulting with our design engineer, we went back to them with a solution that didn’t require digging everything up and starting again,” says Sam Bhat, vice president of Global Business Development and chief technical officer, Geosynthetics, with Titan Environmental Containment. “With a custom geogrid installation, we could do a less demanding reconstruction.”

The plan consisted of performing a partial reconstruction that included excavating slightly below the asphalt, placing its Swamp Grid™, and then compacting it with granular material. Next, an asphalt layer was placed to bring the path to road level. 

This case study serves as proof that these engineered materials can withstand whatever Canada throws their way. “These projects demonstrate how geogrids hold up in severe winters or freeze/thaw cycles, so our clients have confidence that it will work for them,” Bhat continues. “We drove on that road years later. I was in the passenger seat with my eyes closed and trust me when I say I couldn’t feel a bump or crack along the way. We have this amazing material that contributes positively to the environment, but the important thing to remember is that maximum benefit can be derived when the right product is selected, along with custom-designed and correctly installed, to suit the site-specific conditions. Geosynthetics aren’t new to the industry, but they’re always evolving. This isn’t a concept but a solution proven to deliver significant long-term benefits when combined with the right design and installation.”

Project Highlights


OWNER: City of Calgary

LOCATION: Calgary, Canada

DESIGN ENGINEER: City of Calgary

GEOSYNTHETICS PRODUCT: Titan’s Spartan Road Grid™

GEOSYNTHETICS MANUFACTURER: Titan Environmental Containment

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