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Advanced Textiles Association introduces new logo, division name

Update | October 1, 2022 | By:

As discussed in the June/July issue of Geosynthetics, our association, Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), has selected a new name, Advanced Textiles Association (ATA). And with the new name comes a new logo—as well as a new division name.

On June 1, the IFAI rebranded as ATA to “reimagine” what IFAI can and must be to best serve its various members and markets in a swiftly evolving textiles industry. After more than 40 years as IFAI, the association now has an updated name that speaks to those core markets but also reflects the fact that members are working in markets that may not readily be identified as industrial fabrics. The new name is designed to position the association to meet the needs of members and the industry.

ATA also recently unveiled a new logo. The goal was to find a logo that was more inclusive of the textiles, fabrics and materials that make up the marketplace that the association already serves. “We wanted to create something recognizable while updating the logo and colors,” says ATA president and CEO Steve Schiffman. “We also hoped to hint at the growth that IFAI has had in the last several years. We think this design that includes a similar red, green, blue color palette capitalizes on the brand equity that IFAI has built, and the ATA bursting out of the circle represents the growth in benefits and programs that are offered by ATA.”

The new logo will soon replace the previous IFAI logo on all digital and print ATA assets.

Advanced Textiles Products (ATP) division changes name

ATA’s new name prompted the assessment of the similarly named Advanced Textiles Products division. The advisory board thoughtfully considered the current and future initiatives of ATP with the determination that emerging technology, regardless of ATA market, was at the forefront of the division’s existence. 

In late July, the ATP board announced a new name of the division: Emerging Technologies Division (ETD). ATP has strived to bring programming and education to its members that harnesses the newest in textile innovations and cultivates the future generation of professionals. The division now has an evolved purpose statement to be an “international resource providing members with the most current information on research, best practices and innovative knowledge available to advance emerging technologies within materials, products, processes and more.” 

ETD looks forward to expanding its updated initiative and bringing value to its members. We hope to see you at IFAI Expo in Charlotte, N.C., from October 12 to 14, and at the Advanced Textiles Conference on October 11. The division update meeting will be held October 12 at 1 p.m. and is a great chance to ask questions about the name change and understand how you can get involved. You can learn more at or by reaching out to member programs manager Janelle Buerkley at for more information.

Visit the new Advanced Textiles Association website at

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