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TechFab India’s advanced facility for interface testing of geosynthetics fully operational

Industry News, News | June 24, 2022 | By:

TechFab India’s state-of-the-art geosynthetic-soil interaction testing facility is now fully operational at its in-house laboratory located in Rakholi, Silvassa, Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli. This facility has a large pullout apparatus for conducting laboratory pull-out tests on geosynthetics in accordance with ASTM D6706 and a large direct shear apparatus for evaluating the interface friction between geosynthetics and soil using the modified direct shear technique per IS 13326 (Part 1). 

With this facility, it is now possible to evaluate the interaction of TechGrid Geogrids, TechStrap Geostrips, and TFI 3000 High Strength Wove Polyester Geotextiles with a wide range of soils and other fills. The facility also has necessary equipment for conducting tests on soils and fills like sieve analysis, liquid limit, plastic limit, compaction, water content, specific gravity, and in-situ density. 

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