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Western Green’s WattleFence launches

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Western Green’s WattleFence combines the best features of wattles (aka, logs and sediment retention fiber rolls [SRFRs]) and silt fences.

Western Green's WattleFence combines the best features of wattles (aka, logs and sediment retention fiber rolls [SRFRs]) and silt fences.
Western Green’s WattleFence for erosion control. Photograph courtesy of Layfield Geosynthetics

Western Green’s WattleFence has launched; it is designed for treatment of sediment-laden flows, quickly and cost-effectively replacing more traditional technologies for perimeter control, slope interruption, ditch checks and more, the company said in prepared statement. WattleFence combines the best features of wattles (aka, logs and sediment retention fiber rolls [SRFRs]) and silt fences.

The patented technology combines performance with shipping, installation and removal advantages. Western Green’s WattleFence is made in the U.S. using a fleece of coconut fiber reinforced with a woven fabric folded longitudinally to form a thick, multilayer product. The result, at 9 inches (229 mm) tall, is significantly shallower than traditional silt fences while providing equivalent performance. A 6-inch (152-mm) splash apron extends on the upstream side, further securing the WattleFence and preventing scour while removing the need for trenching. Once on-site, WattleFence forms an L-shape with vertical stakes at the fence and staples securing the apron.

WattleFence is coiled for packaging, reducing shipping costs and storage space. With a storage density of more than 10 times that of traditional wattles, just a few pallets can provide more than one mile of protection. The vertical support of the WattleFence also provides dimensional stability, helping to combat the shrinkage that can take place in traditional wattles during shipping and storage.

WattleFence’s distinctive stake and splash apron attachment system eliminates trenching and provides easy handling for reduced installation effort. Using wooden stakes and biodegradable fasteners, the system is more than 99% biodegradable, as only a few metal staples are included into the design. This allows the contractor to fasten and forget, with no need for removal at the end of the project.

Western Green’s WattleFence features two-stage performance, which allows similar sediment capture and turbidity reductions to silt fence at a significantly higher flow rate. The result is a system that is more easily crossed on-site, both by workers and wildlife.

This performance is achieved through the tail and multiple layers of fabric at the base of the system providing a higher level of restriction to flow, allowing for greater sediment capture through higher filtration during sediment laden first flush events. As water levels rise behind the WattleFence during larger rainfall events, the upper section of the system is less restrictive. This allows for passage of higher flow rates without sacrificing overall sediment removal performance.

The overall efficiency and performance of the product provides an excellent tool to simplify the process of sediment control:

  • Value in shipping and storage: Add a few thousand feet to a near-full truckload of blankets. Keep huge lengths of product in the same space the equivalent of 500 feet (13 m) of wattles requires.
  • Value in installation: No trenching or leave-behind biodegradability. Stake configuration with flexible arrangement.
  • Easy step-over height for field work.
  • Two-stage filtration: Performance at first flush and high flow.
  • Stable height dimension: Avoids inspection violation.
  • Easy repair: Using zip ties and wood stakes.

Layfield Geosynthetics is the exclusive distributor of the North American Green product line in Canada. Layfield also distributes the company’s products in Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada. Western Green distributes to all other U.S. states and territories.

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