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Geofabrics Australasia works with Concrete Canvas on Australian highway

News | November 3, 2021 | By:

Photograph courtesy of Geofabrics Australasia

The Geofabrics Australasia team maximized the safety, efficiency and physical integrity of Concrete Canvas by advising project contractors to screw and seal joints on the Warrego Highway development in Roma, Queensland, Australia, a region that typically experiences higher temperatures and humidity.

The Concrete Canvas Ltd. Warmer Climate User Guide outlines how to correctly install Concrete Canvas geosynthetic concrete composite mat (GCCM) in arid or tropical environments to increase life span and avoid serviceability issues.

To further support customers in Australasian climatic and environmental conditions, the Geofabrics Centre for Geosynthetic Research, Innovation & Design (GRID) laboratory can assist with testing GCCM products to meet ASTM D8364 and GCCM durability investigations for outdoor UV resistance in accordance with ASTM D5970.

To review the Concrete Canvas Ltd. Warmer Climate User Guide, click here

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