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Dow launches new HDPE geomembrane resin

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Pit view of landfill. Photograph courtesy of Dow

Dow is now offering INTREPID 2499 Bimodal HDPE Resin for geomembranes.

Geomembranes offer a critical line of defense against chemicals, toxins and other harmful materials entering the earth’s soil and water. By forming a barrier that helps prevent the transmission of contaminants, they play an essential role in protecting the earth’s most precious resources.

Raising the bar for geomembrane innovation and performance

INTREPID 2499 Bimodal HDPE Resin offers strong performance and longer life expectancy in highly oxidative environments compared to traditional, incumbent materials. The sophisticated molecular architecture of this premium high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin enables outstanding resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, corrosion, slow crack growth (SCG), tearing, punctures and abrasion.

Additional benefits include improved toughness and durability at industry standard gauges; stable, long-lasting antioxidant protection; strong tensile properties; and consistent processing with excellent melt strength and bubble stability.

These features—along with ease and versatility of installation—help INTREPID 2499 support the development of virtually leak-free environmental containment systems in applications such as high-temperature landfills, heap leach pads, mining, chlorinated drinking water and leachate collection pipes.

Our ongoing R&D pipeline is focused on breaking new ground with even more innovative developments, Dow said in a prepared statement.

Building a stronger future together

In addition to offering extremely high levels of toughness, durability and service life, our proprietary bimodal polyethylene technology is backed by global production; technical service and development; and developmental, analytical and testing capabilities.

Outstanding quality control throughout our manufacturing and supply chain help ensure consistent, high-quality materials with low levels of gels and other impurities. And our advanced bimodal technology can be used with any type of polyethylene—including commonly-used geomembrane materials such as HDPE, medium-density polyethylene MDPE and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE)—enabling development of tailored formulations.

Helping protect our planet

INTREPID 2499 Bimodal HDPE Resin is engineered for extreme toughness, durability and longevity in geomembrane applications, thus creating opportunities to not only reduce the amount of waste entering the environment, but also the frequency of replacement and associated environmental risks.

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