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Geomembrane freshwater bladders for eco-friendly beach resort

Case Studies, Products | August 31, 2021 | By:

Photograph courtesy of Solmax

An eco beach resort in an undeveloped wilderness area in Panama needed to find a way to store fresh water (rainwater) for use during dry spells. The goal of the resort is to educate while entertaining and to reduce the impact on the environment. It was thus important to the resort that the water storage solution be environmentally friendly and affordable. Solmax’s fabrication department suggested the custom fabrication of water bladders made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). 

Solmax’s Houston, Texas, plant successfully constructed the bladders ahead of the 14-day timeframe. Each bladder used approximately 1,300 square feet (121 m2) of 40-mil (1-mm) smooth black HDPE geomembrane. Solmax also sourced the correct fixtures and adaptors for the waterlines going into and out of the bladders. The water bladders provide a reliable storage system for fresh water. The client is pleased with the functionality and longevity of the solution. Solmax supports the protection of the environment and is pleased this solution helped eliminate unnecessary development of the natural wilderness. 

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