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Tensar International to host InterAxion Conference focusing on infrastructure and launching new geogrid

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Photograph courtesy of Tensar International Corp.

In response to the urgent demand for innovative approaches to cost-effectively improve infrastructure resiliency and sustainability, Tensar International Corp. has announced the launch of its InterAxion Conference, to be held on Aug. 10–12, 2021. 

The virtual conference features a series of brief TED-style talks from key infrastructure industry influencers who will share new ways of thinking about technology, savings and success that go beyond the status quo in advancing resilient, sustainable transportation infrastructure. 

The topic of resiliency in infrastructure is timely as the U.S. awaits an infrastructure bill that could potentially inject billions of dollars into construction of roads, bridges and highways.

The event coincides with the launch of Tensar’s next-generation geosynthetic solution for site works and resilient roads, InterAx, the most advanced geogrid on the market purpose-built for stronger, longer-lasting infrastructure.

Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2021, 11 am–1:30 pm

Theme: Technology for the Greater Good. Going beyond just computer technology, this series of talks dives into a broader range of innovative technologies—proven, cost-effective and available now as well as those yet to come—which can change the trajectory for resilient infrastructure development.


  • Dr. Benjamin F. Bowers, P.E., Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Auburn University
  • Dr. Andrew Lees, Senior Application Technology Manager, Tensar International Corp.
  • Dr. Paul Garnica, Director of Research, Center for Road Safety and Infrastructure Innovation, Mexico

Wednesday, Aug. 11, 2021, 11 am–1:30 pm

Theme: Multidimensional Savings. Going beyond purely financial savings, these presentations explore the true value of constructing resilient infrastructure, recognizing that sustainable development is not a zero-sum game.


  • Mara Campbell, Global Technology Leader, Transportation Performance and Policy, Jacobs
  • Allie Kelly, Executive Director, The Ray
  • Joel Sonkin, Director of Resilience and Energy Transition, AECOM

Thursday, Aug. 12, 2021, 11:00 am–1:30 pm

Theme: Redefining Success. This series challenges construction industry leaders to rethink how they define success by understanding the social, economic, and environmental impact on surrounding communities.


  • Thomas Lewis, Climate, Resilience & Sustainability Executive, WSP USA
  • Yuli (Chaido) Doulala-Rigby, Business Development & Chief Civil Engineer, Tensar International Corporation
  • Gerard Dalziel, Chief Engineer, Engineers Without Borders

For more information or to register, click here.

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