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Watershed Geo recognized with MSW management innovator award

News | July 2, 2021 | By:

By Krista Willey

“Challenge the established.” That is what Arturo Santiago, editor of MSW Management Magazine, titled his Editor’s Comments for the June 2021 issue. This year, Watershed Geo was one of a few chosen for the magazine’s 2021 Innovator Awards that celebrates companies who have challenged older, traditional methods with more advanced technology. 

Watershed Geo’s team and patented technologies were recognized by the company’s peers for breaking barriers in innovation. The extreme measures of testing, the relentless passion and drive of each team member and the determination to do it not just better but exceed standard performance metrics has led Watershed Geo to create some of the most game-changing products in the industries it serves. 

ClosureTurf has changed the landfill closure design and capping process with its rapid deployment ability and extreme weather resiliency. HydroTurf has proved it can stand up to the same bone-crushing water velocities as concrete and rock while using a fiber-reinforced layer that looks like real grass. The PowerCap Landfill Solar System has turned a once useless liability into a source of renewable energy by using flattop decks and side slopes to complete a footprint that can generate more energy than ever before. 

The Hartford (Conn.) Landfill closure using ClosureTurf. Photograph courtesy of Watershed Geo

“This award symbolizes our success in carrying out our internal mission statement and what we set out to accomplish from the beginning,” says Mike Ayers, CEO of Watershed Geo. “Unearthing solutions by thinking differently to solve long-plaguing weaknesses in civil, environmental and energy infrastructure while significantly raising the standard of performance and reliability. This is our core purpose, and it guides everything we do.”  

In addition to creating problem-solving innovative products, the award comes during a time where the company is focused on a particular strategic initiative: to provide clients not only with tangible product solutions but also to help build upon their environmental competencies.  

“As many companies are looking to strengthen their ESG offering, Watershed Geo has made it a mission to educate and provide value with not just the what, but also the why,” says Ayers. “Our innovative technologies contribute to better infrastructure but also to our client’s bottom line. We’ve packaged a lot of ESG aspects into our offering. Our goal is to align with our clients as much as possible in these areas to help meet targets and goals. Some of the benefits include: not having to destroy land for borrow, clean water runoff, less fuel consumption, better emissions capture, and, overall, a lot less impact to the community on traffic, noise and dust. One of the fastest growing part of our business and ESG factors is converting landfills into solar energy parks. Our technologies hit on a rare combination of providing economic benefits and producing significant, tangible ESG value.”

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