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Automating leak location surveys

Products | December 20, 2019 | By:

Geomembrane liners are engineered to be high-strength and chemically resistant, yet they remain susceptible to mechanical damage, especially during the installation process, transportation and use-related wear.

The costs that companies face in combating this problem are significant, as the vast majority of leak monitoring services are performed manually by highly trained professional members of staff.

As a result, defects and punctures that impact the effectiveness of a geomembrane to act as a barrier often result in leakage and well-documented adverse effects on the environment.

Through the use of high-accuracy monitoring tools, ELIS Technologies removes human error while addressing the negative impact of industrialization on the environment.

Leading market research company Stratistics MRC predicts that the global geomembrane market will reach almost $4 billion internationally within the next three years, with over 250 million square meters currently produced every year.

Geomembrane usage in North American and European landfills grows at a rate of 5 percent per year, while in other parts of the world this number is two to three times higher.

“ELIS sensors are up to 100 times more precise than previously available technology, offering clients industrial caliber dependability coupled with vastly reduced survey durations,” said Tomas Gregor, chief technology officer of ELIS Technologies Ltd.

By fully automating the methods used to both oversee and evaluate information by way of GPS mapping, AI procedures and drone technology, ELIS monitoring systems can observe isolated areas that have proven challenging to access in the past, operate without continuous supervision by way of GPS self-navigation, carry out tasks under adverse weather conditions and provide 24/7 access to AI-enhanced data analytics.

Coupled with the launch of a utility token used as a unit of account within the ELIS platform, ELIS Technologies becomes the first company to take the step of issuing monitoring survey accreditation which can be authenticated via the Ethereum blockchain. Furthermore, the ELIS utility token provides access to upgraded releases of programs and services at heavily discounted rates.

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