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IECA Region One welcomes new executive director

The International Erosion Control Association (IECA) Region One board of directors and staff welcome Samantha Roe, IOM, as the new executive director of the association. “We’re excited to announce Samantha as the new executive director to take our association in a new direction,” stated Tom Schneider, CPESC, IECA president. “We were impressed with Samantha’s experience in developing chapter strategies to deliver enhanced member value on a regional scale. Samantha has the experience to lead IECA to reach our goal of better serving current and future members.” Roe has a variety of chapter management, membership development and international experience. Roe’s duties included restructuring, redesigning and implementing strategic programs for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C., and overseeing chapter relations and their service to local members of the Financial Planning Association’s 93 chapters.

HUESKER and MKB release SILTRON silt fencing geotextile

HUESKER Inc. and MKB Company LLC, together, have developed a new class of silt fence around a geotextile called SILTRON®. With HUESKER’s manufacturing backbone and MKB Company’s sales force, SILTRON is the new perimeter fencing geotextile designed to ensure the highest level of environmental protection on a construction site. Its strong, three-layer composite resists punctures and tears with no wire backing required, while trapping viscous pollutants. SILTRON is available in four different heights as pre-staked bundles.

BOSTD geogrid plant up and running in Oklahoma

BOSTD America LLC’s new geogrid manufacturing plant is operational at the company’s American headquarters in Blackwell, Okla. The BOSTD Group, based in Europe, includes BOSTD International, BOSTD Geosynthetics and BOSTD America. It is a manufacturer of high-quality geogrids produced on a continuous-production line, as well as drainage nets and composites, geocomposites, asphalt reinforcement material, and geocells that are widely and effectively used in soil stabilization of roads and other trafficked areas, foundation reinforcement and drainage, landfill and wastewater treatment, retaining walls and steep slopes, riverbank repair and development, erosion control, and green field applications.

GSI on-demand online course details designing with geosynthetics

The Geosynthetic Institute (GSI) is offering an on-demand online course entitled “Designing with Geosynthetics.” This online course is focused on the entirety of geosynthetic materials and their myriad applications. It follows the sixth edition of the textbook Designing with Geosynthetics. Every figure, graph, table, example and more are reproduced but with a voice-over so as to further emphasize the points raised in the book. Included are 1,540 slides with approximately 18 hours of total voice-over. This course represents the equivalent of a full academic year of teaching geosynthetics, which the instructor has presented at Drexel University since the first edition of the book in 1984. For more information or to register, visit

TenCate expands nonwoven geotextile production line

TenCate Geosynthetics Americas has completed an expansion of nonwoven production at its Jefferson, Ga., facility. This state-of-the-art production line has advanced fiber distribution capabilities to create a uniquely consistent product in appearance and finished roll dimension. It also has the largest card/cross lapper in the staple fiber geosynthetics industry to produce both polypropylene and polyester geotextiles. “We are excited to announce this production expansion is now operational,” said John M. Henderson, P.E., president of TenCate Geosynthetics Americas. “This investment represents another important milestone in TenCate’s strategy and future.”

DFI to host 2019 conference in Chicago

The Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) will host its 44th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, Oct. 15–18, 2019, in Chicago. The theme of the conference is > Future > Forward. The 2019 conference serves as a call to action to develop forward-thinking plans in deep foundation and geotechnical engineering and construction through technical presentations and panel discussions. The 2019 Annual Conference will provide an international forum for a wide range of geoprofessionals to present, discuss, and debate all aspects of how we build on our current success to create and maintain a better tomorrow for future generations. For more information or to register, visit

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