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Airport research project ideas sought

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The Transportation Research Board (TRB) seeks potential synthesis study topics as part of the upcoming activities of the Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP). Topics may be submitted at any time; however, the deadline for the upcoming submission cycle is Sept. 21.

This year, submit topics through ACRP’s IdeaHub. Sign into IdeaHub using previously created MyACRP information, or register with MyACRP. Upon entering IdeaHub:

Photograph courtesy U.S. Air Force, by Airman 1st Class Michael Stuart
  1. Click on IDEAS.
  2. Click on CREATE NEW IDEA (upper right of the screen).
  3. Choose a Research Topic from the drop-down menu.
  4. Provide a Title. (Include “Synthesis” in the Title.)
  5. Provide an Objective.
  6. Select tags (additional topics related to your idea)—NOTE, at a minimum, be sure to add the “Synthesis” tag.
  7. Add a Background statement.
  8. Answer “NO” when asked if you want to be the Idea Owner. (Idea ownership is not required to add a synthesis idea, and your name is still associated with the idea, regardless of whether or not you “own” the idea.)
  9. Hit the Save button.

Syntheses are state-of-the-practice reports prepared under contract by outside individuals or firms. These reports seek to locate and assemble information; to learn what practice has been used; to identify ongoing and recently completed research; to learn what problems remain largely unsolved; and to organize, evaluate and document the useful information acquired. They do not undertake new research, nor do they contain policy recommendations.

Synthesis reports are most valuable when they are focused on issues or problems common to many organizations. The primary users of the reports are the practitioners who work on those issues or problems using diverse approaches in their individual settings. Studies currently underway and all completed studies can be accessed at the TRB Synthesis website.

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