Dr. Robert M. Koerner answers your geosynthetics questions

June 5th, 2018 / By: / Resources, Technical

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2 responses to “Dr. Robert M. Koerner answers your geosynthetics questions

  1. Dear Dr. Robert,

    Kind greetings, i am researching about the geosynthetics grids (geogrids) that are used in Reinforced Segmetal Retaining Walls system; and i came across with a table available in the http://www.GMAnow.com called “Geogrid Products 2018” in which there is a extensive comparison between different brands and types of geogrids in the market.

    In order to filter this extensive (very useful) table to the needs of my research, i need to clarify the following:

    With respect to the suggested applications (in the table), which one of the below list does exactly apply for a Mechanically stabilized Retaining wall system (geogrid to be used to reinforce the soil behind the wall)

    I am not sure weather i should pick: B, S, Sl or W ? or a combinations of these options?

    A/O = Asphalt overlay
    B = Base reinforcement
    E = Embankments
    PR = Pavement reinforcement
    S = Slopes
    SI = Subgrade improvement
    W = Walls

    ​A clarification on the above applications would be a great help for me to proceed on choosing the most appropriate kind of Geogrid.

    On another note, i would also appreciate your recommendation on which type of Polymer should i choose for a MSE wall system. Which in your experience is overall the SAFEST and most efficient type to work with, PET or HDPE or PP? and if possible WHY?

    In advance, i thank you so much for your time and effort.

    Best regards,
    Eng. Juhaina

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