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COMANCO teams up with Solmax and GSE on electrically conductive-backed geomembrane welding training

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COMANCO Environmental Corp. liner technicians who participated in Solmax and GSE Environmental’s training for extrusion gun and isolation wedge welding of conductive-backed geomembranes. Photography courtesy of COMANCO Environmental Corp.

During the first week of February, Florida geosynthetics installer COMANCO Environmental Corp. partnered with Montreal-based Solmax and its Texas-based subsidiary GSE Environmental for three days of in-depth training about GSE’s electrically conductive-backed geomembranes, according to COMANCO’s blog. More than 60 COMANCO liner technicians completed hands-on welding procedures that ensure effective conductive liner installations.

COMANCO said all participating technicians have an endorsed competency as determined by the geomembrane manufacturer, and they are authorized to perform extrusion gun and isolation wedge welding of electrically conductive-backed geomembranes. Also, all 60 technicians received training and have an applied understanding of safety practices when working with or around nondestructive leak location services available with conductive liner systems. This includes nondestructive testing of geomembrane seams using the spark test per ASTM D6365-99 and electrical methods for locating leaks in geomembranes covered with water or earthen materials per ASTM D7007-16.

With properly trained and endorsed welders on-site, owners of worksites requiring electrically conductive-backed geomembranes can have confidence that the investment into conductive-backed liner systems will work well on a variety of applications for many years after installation, thanks to the teamwork of COMANCO, Solmax and GSE.

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