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HUESKER’s Zerhouni discusses geosynthetic asphalt reinforcement in video

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HUESKER has released a video of Mourad Zerhouni, Dipl.-Ing., who is based in Gescher, Germany, providing an introduction to the functions of geosynthetic asphalt reinforcement.

Society’s growing mobility and rapidly aging road networks are currently challenging the road construction sector with ever greater and more cost-intensive options, HUESKER said. Engineers and project managers need to accomplish more with fewer available dollars in the budget.

The company said that the constantly increasing vehicular dynamic loads on pavements, coupled with daily and seasonal temperature fluctuations and the way in which asphalt and concrete pavements react to the varying temperature fluctuations form the basis of reflective cracking in pavements. High stress and strain concentrations at the crack tip cause the pavement to further deteriorate by propagating into the new asphalt surface.

HUESKER said projects using the company’s high-strength engineered asphalt reinforcement interlayers can extend pavement service life realize a value-added economic benefit many times over. They said the company’s reinforcement solutions are based on superior raw materials, quality manufacturing processes and a unique patented bitumen-based preimpregnation of the finished material.

The video can be viewed here.

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