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New geotextiles book launched in 2016

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Geotextiles Book Cover[2]Introduction

A hefty new addition to civil engineering and geosynthetics libraries around the world was unveiled earlier this year. Geotextiles: From Design to Applications debuted in March 2016.

Number 175 from the U.K.-based Textile Institute/Woodhead Publishing Series in Textiles, the 640-page book contains 26 chapters by 35 authors, including many of the most-renowned and well-known names in the geosynthetics community. (Woodhead Publishing is an imprint of Elsevier.)

Edited by Robert M. (Bob) Koerner, director emeritus of the Geosynthetic Institute, the book is arranged in five parts:

  • Geotextile development and manufacture
  • Properties, behavior and testing
  • Primary functions of geotextiles
  • Specific applications of geotextiles
  • Common attributes of geotextiles

This brief description was offered by Woodhead Publishing earlier this year: “This book presents valuable information on the high-performance fabrics used in soil separation, drainage, filtration, reinforcement, and cushioning, also covering their use as solutions for geoengineering and other civil engineering specialties due to their advanced physical, mechanical, hydraulic, and endurance properties.”

Geotextiles: From Design to Applications

The Textile Institute was incorporated in England by a Royal Charter in 1925. It currently has individual and corporate members in 90 countries.

The primary objective of the Institute is to facilitate learning, recognize achievement, reward excellence, and disseminate information within the global textiles, clothing, and footwear industries. To that end, The Textile Institute has published numerous books of interest to its members and the textile industry.

To date, the Institute has published 175 titles, including the 2016 release of Geotextiles: From Design to Applications. This hardbound book of more than 600 pages consists of the following chapters, titles, and authors.

Part One—Geotextile development and manufacture
1 Early background and history of geotextiles, R. M. Koerner
2 Geotextile resins and additives, Y. G. Hsuan
3 Manufacturing process of geotextiles, D. Bérubé and P. Saunier
4 Geotextiles made from natural fibres, A. N. Desai and Ravi Kant

Part Two—Properties, behavior and testing
5 Geotextiles/geosynthetic testing
standards development organizations, L. David Suits
6 Physical properties, behavior, and testing of geotextiles, G. T. Torosian and Ashley MacMillan
7 Mechanical properties, behavior, and testing of geotextiles, H. Zanzinger
8 Hydraulic properties, behavior, and testing of geotextiles, D. Cazzuffi, M. C. Mandaglio, and N. Moraci
9 Geotextile durability, S. R. Allen
10 Long-term geotextile degradation mechanisms and exposed lifetime predictions, R. M. Koerner

Part Three—Primary functions of geotextiles
11 Geotextiles used in separation, G. R. Koerner
12 Geotextiles used in filtration, M. Heibaum
13 Geotextiles used in drainage, J. C. Chai
14 Geotextiles used in reinforcing paved and unpaved roads and railroads, B. R. Christopher
15 Geotextiles used in reinforcing walls, berms, and slopes, P. Rimoldi
16 Geotextiles used to reinforce soft soil foundations, O. Detert, H. Hangen, A. A. Lavasan, and L. R. Schimmel
17 Geotextiles use for cushioning, D. Narejo
18 Geotextile composites having multiple functions, H.-Y. Jeon

Part Four—Specific applications of geotextiles
19 Geotextiles in waste containment, T. Bauters
20 Geotextiles in marine engineering, C. R. Lawson
21 Geotextile tubes for dewatering and decontamination of fine-grained soils, R. M. Koerner, G. R. Koerner, and W. Huang
22 Geotextiles in commercial development, A. Filshill
23 Geotextiles in agriculture and aquaculture, C. W. Hsieh
24 Geosynthetics in erosion and sediment control, C. J. Sprague and J. E. Sprague

Part Five—Common attributes of geotextiles
25 Quality control and quality assurance for geotextiles, N. Ivy and B. Garner
26 Sustainability aspects of using geotextiles, N. Dixon, J. Raja, G. Fowmes, and M. Frost

As a general acknowledgment, the editor expresses his sincere gratitude to all authors of the 26 chapters who made this book possible.

The book is now available through the publisher (Elsevier) and also through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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