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With a little help from my friends

Editorial | February 1, 2016 | By:

With the addition of John Gardner (Smith-Gardner Inc. in Raleigh, N.C.) to Geosynthetics magazine’s Editorial Advisory Committee, it reminded me once again to offer my heartfelt thank you’s to this wonderful group that you see listed on the lower-right of this page. So, here goes:

Thanks Melody—after many peer reviews, we finally meet at Geosynthetics 2015. (She had no choice, Melody works in Portland.)

Thanks Andrew—we grew up together in the geo world, starting in 2005.

Thanks Sam—always the idea man.

Thanks Richard & Malek—for providing your helpful contributions from the academic side.

Dear Daniele, molte grazie my friend.

Thanks Archie—I will always remember our conversation during the boat ride in Berlin…good for both of us.

Thanks Ron—many great articles, including moving a river!

Thanks Steve—hometown helper here in the Twin Cities…introduced Andrew and me to everybody at our first conference, the NAGS/GRI in December 2005.
Welcome John!

Dr. Jeon, as your “older brother,” I will never forget our geosynthetics travels in Korea. Great memories. Many thanks!

Bob K., what more can I say? And our visit last October was the topper!

Bob M. & Dave S.—good friends always at the ready, from ASTM to conference planning to offering counsel to the editor. Thank you.

Thanks Kent & Jacek—your “outside the U.S.” perspectives are invaluable.

Thanks Dhani—after conversations with you, I always feel better.

Jim—your counsel always steady and thoughtful, thank you.

Ian—You may have grabbed me before Steve Gale did for a chat at the December 2005 NAGS/GRI. Along with Bob K., among the most prolific of contributors for more than three decades. Many thanks Ian!

Thanks Bob—tell your boss that you need N.Y. DEC travel money to attend Geotechnical Frontiers in 2017…it is time we meet in person.

Dear Marco, you are a true friend and always earnest in talking and listening. Thank you.

Thanks Mark—I learned more about geosynthetics and mining during our 10-minute walk across campus in Edinburgh than if I read a textbook.

Thanks Rick—the geosynthetic writer’s writer…always something fresh, a new twist, insightful and informative.

Thanks Gary—geosynthetics history available here.

Thank you Aigen for your steady contributions and good questions.

You, too, can be a contributor. Contact me:

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