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Geomembrane (GM) testing

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We have a project where we need to weld a section of new 1.5mm smooth HDPE geomembrane to an old one installed in 1999. Can you tell me which tests we have to take before we do the job and advise me on tech labs that are able to make such tests?

Which ASTM standards do we have to follow for these tests?

Nick | New Zealand


You should be able to accomplish the welding since the old GM is only 15 years old and standard shear and peel testing should come up to traditional values. Do, however, thoroughly clean the old GM before beginning. The only thing the old GM might show is a lowering of oxidative induction time (OIT) values since you are still well within the Stage A of antioxidant depletion. The two tests for such evaluation are standard OIT and high-pressure OIT.

Please go to the GSI Specifications and then go to GRI-GM13 where you will find information and the appropriate ASTM numbers. Go to Accreditation and you will find the laboratories doing these tests.

Bob Koerner | GMA Techline

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