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Notes, quotes and anecdotes from Geo 15

Editorial | April 1, 2015 | By:

By Ron Bygness

Arousingly successful combo event that partnered the Geosynthetics 2015 conference with the annual Environmental Connection show in Portland, Ore., Feb. 15–18, deserves more recollections.

Attendance was good? No, it was fantastic!
A number of technical sessions were full-house, SRO … I opened one door, only to stare at a gentleman’s back. After a few seconds, he turned and just shook his head … he was the last one in—there was no room for even one more!

The panel discussions were very popular. One session was scheduled to run from 3:30–5 p.m. Five o’clock arrived and there were more questions … 5:15, no stop in sight … 5:30? “I have another question,” shouted a fellow in the back row. Attendees finally started shuffling toward the door. I talked with the session moderator later: “We could have been there ’til midnight,” he laughed.

Partnership with IECA’s Environmental Connection show
“Please do this every year—it saves my company time and money … plus we get to see our customers from both erosion control and geosynthetics.”
“This is the best show I’ve been to in 10 years!”
“This [co-location] was a great idea. I wish it had started years ago.”
“Great show. Who is your next partner?” [Editor’s note: ASCE/
Geo-Institute’s GeoCongress, March 12–15, 2017, in Orlando, Fla.]

A lively and prosperous show floor
The exhibition hall opened at 9 a.m. and hit a traffic climax during the 3–5 p.m. welcome reception: “I talked with more people in the last two hours than I did all day last year,” exaggerated one exhibitor.

Late in the day, a weary exhibitor found brief refuge on one of the red lounge chairs at the GMA/Geosynthetics magazine booth: “I need to rest for a few minutes,” he sighed. The respite didn’t last long—an old friend spotted him and invited himself onto a comfy chair also.

“I could not attend [Geosynthetics 101],” said a first-time attendee, “Everybody I talked to raved about it.”

“The speaker on the first day [Shaun Stauffer] was excellent … for both the erosion control and the geosynthetics audience.”

“Good food!”

Good conference, good attendance, and good food … what could be better?

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