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‘Father of geocells’ leaves a legacy of innovation

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Gary Bach retires after 37 years at Presto

Calling him “one of the fathers of geosynthetics technology development,” a press release from Presto Geosystems announced that Gary Bach is retiring after 37 years with the company. Bach was one of the original developers of geocells, a technology he co-invented with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers nearly 35 years ago.

The release stated: “Gary fused the Corps’ concept of three-dimensional grid confinement with his polymer expertise, subsequently devising a strong cellular confinement system made by welding strips of high-strength polymer blend materials to form geocell sections. The very first honeycomb-like sections were born from a welder designed and crafted by Gary.”

Early geocell applications were focused primarily on meeting a need for military vehicle access across beach sand and artillery bunkers. Presto later expanded into other areas and introduced cellular confinement to the world’s commercial market for soil stabilization applications including slope, channel, and shoreline protection, and vegetated retaining walls, according to the press release.

Bach continued at the forefront of advancements in geocell technology, including textured and perforated cells for better infill lock-up and drainage, and numerous accessory inventions to improve design strength and to speed installation, the release said. Geocells are accepted today as a standard category among geosynthetic materials to address soil-stability challenges.

The press release concluded: “Gary has led the Presto Geosystems business with exemplary business ethics, integrity, honesty, and long-lasting relationships. As he leaves geosynthetics to enjoy retirement, we owe Gary a sincere debt of gratitude for his role in inventing and advancing geocells in the global marketplace.”

Source: Presto Geosystems

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