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Road stabilizers

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RE: Road stabilizers
I’m doing research for a landscape architect, and I’m looking into products that reinforce the soil beneath paved roadways. So far, that has led me to a range of geotextile and geogrid systems. In this regard, has been great. Despite how well-organized your website is, I need a way of browsing through products/companies indexed by relative price. Can you point me in the direction of some of the more inexpensive soil-reinforcement solutions?

(Tiche | Georgia)

Reply: You ask an extremely important question and one that is at the heart of a “benefit/cost” analysis. Of course, this ratio must be maximized to arrive at the optimal decision for a site-specific solution. Geosynthetics magazine does do a nice job of providing information on the benefits of the various products. In this regard be sure to have the December issue of each year since that is the annual Geosynthetics “Specifier’s Guide,” with technical data on most available geosynthetic products.

Now to the other side of the ratio. Tiche, costs of the individual product are rarely, if ever, given in a publication, especially on a comparative basis. It’s just too dicey to do so with so many variables to take into consideration—size, location, competition, etc. all come into play on a site-specific basis.

That said, a phone call to each contending manufacturer will get results and perhaps even price quotations. They are all cooperative in this regard. Good hunting and keep in touch.

Bob Koerner | GMA Techline

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