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Many applications for geosynthetic reinforcement

News | February 1, 2013 | By:

To the editor:

The August/September [2012] issue of Geosynthetics highlighted the success of geosynthetic reinforcement in traditional civil engineering applications, specifically walls, slopes, and abutments. The diversity of the markets is a testament to the continued expansion of the industry. Stream embankments, landfills, commercial and residential developments, and bridges were all featured in the articles.

I thought I would add one more market where geosynthetic-reinforced technology is also seeing continued success. The photo shows one of the underground stormwater detention systems installed at the redevelopment of the old Polaroid headquarters in Massachusetts. Built within the classic “ledge” of New England, and under significant overburdens, the security of well-established design standards and the efficiency of the geosynthetic reinforcement established this technology as the most cost-effective solution for the engineer and developer.

Terry Sheridan, P.E.
President, GeoStorage Corp.
Rumson, N.J.

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