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GSE announces three-part coal-ash barrier system

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Three parts include GCL, leak-location liner, and geocomposite

Houston-based GSE announced in an Oct. 25 press release its new three-part coal-ash barrier system. The release stated that this system offers a selection of geosynthetic products that will allow compliance with industry and regulatory requirements and provide solutions to various concerns associated with coal power generation, such as groundwater protection, process water containment, and ash impoundment.

The release noted: “In recent years, the storage of coal ash has become an increasing concern. Power facilities and utility companies have realized and experienced the consequences of insufficient coal ash containment, and the possibility of contaminated groundwater has brought the issue to the forefront.”

According to the release, the EPA conducted a study that categorized coal ash as Subtitle D waste and determined that regulations were warranted, but they have not yet been put into place. In light of pending regulations, utility companies are attempting to better contain coal ash using EPA Subtitle D minimum guidelines. In anticipation for such action, GSE developed its coal-ash barrier system.

The press release described the three components:

  • BentoLiner Coal Ash Resistant GCL
    BentoLiner “CAR” is a polymer-enhanced granular sodium bentonite encapsulated between two geotextiles. This product is intended for containment of potentially high ionic strength leachates typically encountered in coal combustion waste applications.
  • Leak Location Liner
    High-performance conductive white smooth has a UV stabilized upper white surface that reflects light, improves damage detection, and reduces wrinkles and subgrade desiccation in addition to an electrically conductive bottom layer that can be spark tested for leak location per ASTM D7240.
  • CoalDrain Geocomposite
    The CoalDrain geocomposite is a 300mil (7.6mm) geonet heat-laminated with a nonwoven geotextile on the bottom side and a composite fabric on the top side. The geotextiles serve as filters and separators, while the core provides liquid flow medium.

Source: Geosynthetic Lining Systems

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