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Geosynthetic Institute issues new white paper on MSE landfill berms

News | June 28, 2012 | By:

Paper #23 is now available

Paper #23 is titled “U.S. state environmental agency status with respect to reviewing and permitting mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) landfill berms”

Many state departments across the country are being asked to approve permits for the construction of large mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) berms usually located at the perimeter of a specific solid waste landfill as shown below in this diagram and photograph.Image 1Image 2

While small landfill cell separation berms, per se, are included in most state solid waste regulations, the question often arises as to the size and details of the large perimeter berms, which is the current trend in landfilling practice.

The purpose of this survey is to assess the permitting situation within each state in the U.S. and to solicit opinions if we at GSI should get involved insofar as crafting agency guidelines as to how a generic set of plans and specifications should be presented and reviewed.

Source: Geosynthetic Insitute

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